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I cannot express my words how helpful Attorney Colleen has been to me when I had to
transfer my H1B visa form one employer to other. She has been there with me in the most
grateful to her for spending so much of her time just discussing the case with me. I am not
aware of anyone, where you can get the level of care and genuine concern which I got from
her. She treated me like family."
K.M., New York, USA

"Colleen DiSanto is an amazing lawyer. I know her for over 4 years. She is very professional,
Knowledgeable, efficient, dedicated, helpful, and effective. She takes the time to answer all
your questions and concerns, providing excellent service. I highly recommend Colleen
DiSanto. She is the best immigration lawyer. I am very grateful for your excellent job!!"
Phoenix, AZ

"I used DiSanto & DiSanto's services back in 2016 to go through an adjustment of status
(from TN Visa to Permanent Resident). Andrew's attention to detail, patience and
thoroughness in every step of the process gave my wife and I the peace of mind we needed
while going through forms and documents that can easily be overwhelming if you're not
familiar with the process. We got constant communication, feedback, and status updates in
the shape of emails and phone calls. Andrew conducted himself in a very professional yet
warm demeanor. I'll definitely be a repeat customer of theirs when I'm eligible for the
naturalization process. I would recommend anyone that is looking for an immigration lawyer
to consider DiSanto & DiSanto's services. It's worth every penny."
W.C., Scottsdale, AZ

"Andrew has been very prepared, helpful, trustworthy and kind all the way through the
process. He made everything easier, and was always friendly and ready to answer all my
questions (even when l was anxious and panicky for no reason hehe). He is an awesome
lawyer and a wonderful person, super recommended! A++!"
L.I., Chandler, AZ

"I have worked with Colleen DiSanto and her firm multiple times thoughout the last 10 years
and I cannot say enough great things about them. Professional, courteous, prompt and
thorough are only a few that come ti mind. I highly recommend them!!"
D.R., Scottsdale, AZ

"Colleen Di Santo came to us highly recommended by one of our friends and has been our
Immigration Attorney for over 10 years. She handled our first E2 visa application and 4
subsequent renewals. Through all of this work she has been the most amazing advocate on
our behalf her knowledge of the law and procedure relevant to our case has been second to
none. She has also been very skilled in compiling and presenting our petitions and supporting
documentation for maximum effect. if you are looking for skilled professional attorney look
no further than Colleen DiSanto."
J.P., Hohenwald, TN

“My wife and I worked with Andrew to complete her petition for permanent resident status.  
His expert knowledge and helpful attitude made this complicated process much more
bearable.  Although it is possible for someone to read the USCIS rules, complete the required
documents, and submit them, I'd highly recommend meeting with Andrew because this area
of the law changes quickly and his expert assistance will minimize the chance of delays or
issues.  I highly recommend his office and his services.”
- M.G., Scottsdale, AZ

“I have had experience with some of the best and largest law firms in the East Coast (Miami,
Philadelphia), and I always felt like a number when calling them. I interviewed Colleen on the
phone 6 years ago after reading multiple posts on an immigration site that mentioned her. I
immediately felt like I could trust her with my immigration case(s) and have been working
with her ever since. Without getting into too much detail on the type of needy client that I was;
Colleen ALWAYS returned my calls, answered my questions and provided sound advice well
beyond her scope of work. I could not be happier with her work and I am thankful to have
found her. Did I mention, I have never met her in person? Colleen is a phenomenal attorney
and I have and will be recommending her to anyone I know.”
– L.L., West Chester, PA

“Andrew helped us prepare for my adjustment of status for the permanent resident card
interview. He was very knowledgeable and walked us through the process step by step. He
gave us a list of documents that we would need to take, as well as any additional paper work
that he recommended to have just in case it was needed. He gave us peace of mind and
calmed our worries. We felt that he was very thorough and made certain there would be
nothing missed or any mistakes made. I would definitely recommend Andrew as a lawyer and
would like to work with him in the future.”
- Avvo Reviewer

“Andrew J. DiSanto is an outstanding lawyer. When I met him in his office in the spring of
2013 I was impressed with his professionalism. This made me feel very comfortable and
confident that he would assist me with a seamless journey to my citizenship. That in fact, is
exactly what he did. He guided me with a detailed, step by step process, listing exactly what
information, documents, etc. that I would need to obtain. I faxed the required information to
him and he just took care of everything; he kept me informed via email every step of the way.
He provided the website information with the interview questions/answers to study. When I
was unable to attend my original interview due to an urgent family matter he arranged to have
the interview rescheduled. The interview was a breeze. The officer asked me to provide
photo ID; he had all of the required documentation etc. provided by Mr. DiSanto . I didn’t have
to show anything else. The officer mentioned that he was very impressed with the
spectacular job that my lawyer had done. He said that he doesn’t often see this attention to
detail. I answered the test questions that I had studied for, signed a few documents, and
within a short period of time the interview was over. Mr. DiSanto provided timely email
verification, follow up, and communication as he monitored each step of my journey. I have
recommended his services to several individuals.” - J.E. (Avvo Reviewer)

“Attorney [Colleen] DiSanto is an among the very best immigration attorneys in the Phoenix
legal community. Smart, client-oriented and, above all, caring, if you have an immigration
issue and you are wondering what to do, this is someone you can entrust your case with and
know you are being represented properly. I absolutely endorse this attorney.”
– Avvo Peer
Endorsement (Fellow Lawyer in Community)

“Andrew did an excellent job on my Green Card. He answers email very quickly and explains
everything very well. It was so easy to work with him. My husband and I got married and we
needed help with my application for green card. I have used two different immigration
attorneys in the past, but always ended up working with the paralegal. The first time we
visited Andrew he explained all we needed to do and answered all the different questions we
had. One of the things I liked about working with him is that he is very clear to the point. He
also responded to my emails at any hour of the day and was always very polite.”
- Avvo

“Mr. DiSanto has been very professional and helpful with the immigration process for my
wife. Some of the issues regarding treatment of my wife by border officials at certain
airports, were insulting and embarrassing for me. Was difficult to understand how border
control agents could treat American citizens in this way. Mr. DiSanto helped us to understand
this behavior and quickly helped us to get on the correct path for solving a "process"
problem. I am sure that there were times when I appeared to be less than cooperative due to
the experiences of my wife, but Mr. DiSanto always quickly found ways to bring common
sense into the picture. His apparent knowledge of this process certainly brings order out
chaos. We are not finished with the "process" yet, but we are feeling more confident that
there will be a time when my wife will become a citizen of the USA thanks to the professional
support of Mr. DiSanto. The immigration assistance provided to my step-son, a young person
searching for his path in life in a new environment, helped to give him confidence with his
new place of employment. We highly recommend him to anyone having immigration
problems or concerns. He is a good, professional immigration lawyer and a "good guy". We
thank him for all that he has helped with.”
- Avvo Reviewer

“Could not have had a better experience with our change in status application. Always
received fast response and Colleen helped a great deal when it came to understanding and
filling out the sometimes complicated documentation…...I would recommend [Colleen]
DiSanto to anyone looking for a professional!”
– S.P., Cave Creek, AZ

“I went to discuss some Immigration information with Andrew, He was  professional and
informative. In the area of Immigration you need to have assistance with someone who is
keeping up with what is going on in a constantly changing environment.  I recommend this
practice highly.”
- P.C., Scottsdale, AZ

“I would absolutely recommend Andrew DiSanto. I have hired Andrew on two separate
occasions to assist me with a very complicated immigration case. I am so glad that I chose
Andrew as my attorney because my immigration journey presented me with just about every
road block one can possibly think of, but I was able to get through it all with Andrew's
guidance. Andrew will answer your phone calls and respond to your emails promptly, and you
can always trust to obtain very clear answers and step by step instructions. During my 15
year immigration journey I learned that these are traits only select few attorneys possess.
Andrew actually cares. He knows the slightest intricasies of the immigration system and he
always makes sure to inform his client of the most recent updates. I will also mention that his
services are very affordable in comparison with some other attorneys in the area. Without a
doubt, Andrew DiSanto's instruction and expertise were worth every penny. I am now a US
-Avvo Reviewer

"After spending five years getting the wrong advice from two different attorneys, we met with
Colleen and she made everything clear. We were desperate with our situation until she
helped us. She submitted our correct forms and was in touch with us every step of the way.
Excellent, excellent job!!!" -
F.P., Tempe AZ

"We went for a follow up apt. She was SUPER, AGAIN! She does not do 30 min appointments
anymore. But never fret, the 1 hr appt was rapid-fire questions from us and rapid fire
answers from her. She does not waste time AT ALL. She was well prepared for our meeting
having asked us to write a brief description of our situation and questions while scheduling
the interview itself. So she had answers for all of our questions from that and also was well-
versed to address our concerns during the interview. All in all, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Thanks Colleen! You ROCK!" -
 K.G., Tempe, AZ

"Thank you so much to Miss COLLEEN DISANTO,which is helping as too much in the way to
obtain E2 visas,COLLEEN DISANTO is an exceptional lawyer very meticulous and precise.
Guided us every step during this time, was with us and helped us to not make mistakes,
getting visa very quickly and very professional. We were convinced will be our advocate for
life. Thanks again DISANTO Colleen, you're a great lawyer."
- C.C., Phoenix, AZ

"I have had wonderful experience with the firm. Colleen and her staff were very caring.
Colleen always returned or emailed my concerns in a timely manner. Overall, I received great
service and would gladly refer other people to this firm! " -
M.N., Gooding, Idaho

"Colleen is very patient and very thorough. She went through everything in detail, answered
all my questions (and those were a lot!) and even spent time outside of the appointment time
to answer my question. She followed up with forms and provided information above and
beyond what I expected. She is also very personable and easy to talk to. Give her a call when
you need legal advice." -

"Ms. DiSanto:  We at North Valley Magazine would like to extend to you our congratulations
for your recognition as one of the Valley's top lawyers in our current October/November 2011
issue. Our Top Lawyers list was compiled by an independent research company. "
- C.B.
Editorial Supervisor, North Valley Magazine

"Colleen was very proficient and provided excellent services during my immigration
process.  She was prompt in responding to my queries.  I highly recommend her."  

"I lived in the United States for 13 years without being able to obtain a permanent green
card.  I received my permanent green card within 6 months of retaining Andrew DiSanto as
my immigration lawyer. His guidance and his work were imperative in the outcome of my
case. Thank you for all of your hard work."  -
K.K., Scottsdale AZ

“I was lucky to find Andrew DiSanto. He is an excellent lawyer doing ground-breaking work.
After 10 years and several unsuccessful attempts by other lawyers Andrew was the only one
to get the results I needed!”
- AK, Paradise Valley, AZ

"Thank you very much to Colleen! A great support as if it was for a friend!"
- G.B., Oceanside, CA

"Two visa applications with Colleen and couldn't ask for better, more courteous service."
-M.M., Scottsdale, AZ

"Aside from the obvious, knowledge of immigration law and procedure, there are many
things that I received from DiSanto & DiSanto immigration law offices that helped my
immigration experience be the most helpful and rewarding.  First, the attorney took the time
to listen to me and hear what I wanted to accomplish with my immigration plans.  The
attorney was easily accessible and I dealt with the attorney directly instead of a paralegal or
assistant.  The Firm uses technology in their practice, i.e. e-mail, electronic formats for me to
access easily and quickly while I was in and out of the United States.  Thank you DiSanto &
DiSanto for assisting me to accomplish my long term goal of becoming a permanent resident
of the United States."
-L.M., Chandler, AZ

"The Firm at all times kept me informed of proceedings, removed the stress out of filing all
adjustment forms [and] in fact, made the whole process run smoothly.  I would recommend
DiSanto & DiSanto, PLC to anyone who needs an immigration lawyer, confident that I would
be recommending a highly competent and professional lawyer skilled in all aspects of
immigration law."
-M.A., Glendale, AZ

"The immigration process is overwhelming.  Having [DiSanto & DiSanto] on our side was a
comfort and relief.  Andrew was efficient, informative, available and an overall excellent
-J.K., Scottsdale, AZ

"In depth knowledge, quality of work and sincerity in providing legal services makes this firm
our first choice for future recommendation. Finally, we got our Green card in a timely manner.
We wish all the best to Colleen."
- P.G., Tolleson, AZ

"Colleen and her firm did an excellent job in preparing and submitting my Green Card
application. I had my card in-hand less than 18 months later. My application was complicated
by contract work and a spouse from a different country than mine. My sister’s Green Card
application process was done by a prestigious Boston firm that took over four years to
complete and cost over three times as much. DiSanto & DiSanto is my company’s firm of
- Stephen Lacy, Highlands Ranch, CO

"I worked with different law firms for my immigration needs, so far I never come across law
firm like DiSanto & DiSanto who works for me not only on week days, nights (including late
nights), and weekends. They are so great, knowledgeable and keep me updated with the
latest information. I’m very happy that my case is handling by DiSanto & DiSanto law firm.  
Finally, for all your immigration matters, contact Colleen DiSanto."
- A.S.A., Gilbert, AZ

"I had a very complicated immigration case...All procedures and options were discussed by
the lawyer, and I had an idea about what was going to happen ahead of time.  Andrew
[DiSanto], I really apprecicate your help, I have never seen such an organized, precise and
honest lawyer.  [My friends and family] always fear dealing with law firms, but I absolutely felt
comfortable dealing with DiSanto law firm. Thank you."
- M.Q., Chandler, AZ  

"I’m so happy and proud to tell that my lawyer is from DiSanto & DiSanto law firm. They are
trustworthy, hard working and of course knowledgeable. They are very prompt in responding
to my e-mails and messages. They took care of my case in all aspects. Their service is
- S.A.R., Gilbert, AZ

"I want to thank you for guiding us through the immigration process.  Your professionalism,
follow-through, and attention to detail were impeccable.  You were always available for any
consultation via the phone or e-mail and that helped make the whole process very stress-
free for us.  I want you to know that your professionalism and empathy are greatly
- M.N., Scottsdale, AZ

"[DiSanto & DiSanto] was very helpful and answered all my questions.  My experience with
the firm was wonderful and I would recommend it to anyone."
-C.H., Phoenix, AZ

"The fees were considerably less than other attorneys I had spoken with... [N]o future
appointment for a formal interview was required to find out if the firm covered my needs... I
feel the firm went the extra mile [and] made sure my fiancée could understand everything
needed with no problems.  They have also followed up after all the work was completed to
provide more information and assistance.  The firm was also very prompt with all their work,
sometimes far ahead of me. I would recommend them with no reservations."
 - H.A., Prescott
Valley, AZ

"I am very glad that I approached D&D law firm to handle my complicated and time bounded
case. D&D took care of me in every way and applied in timely manner with out fail in any point.
They are very friendly and knowledgeable. I think D&D is the best in valley for immigration
- A.A., Gilbert, AZ

"It was a pleasure to work with [DiSanto & DiSanto].  You made us fully understand the
situation.  It was very easy.  I would recommend you to anybody who may need some
 - E.B., Scottsdale, AZ

"Excellent services, prompt responses, personal attention- you provided more and more of
the above... Thanks much again."
- M.E., Tempe, AZ

"Pleasant and professional." - A.K., Scottsdale, AZ     

"We were really satisfied with the outcome of our case and how fast the process was.  All
the questions that we had were answered in a courteous matter.  We were very pleased over
all and we will definitely keep on recommending our friends and family to your firm.  Thank
you so much." -
V.S. Mesa, AZ

*Evaluations and comments of former clients do not create any guarantees concerning the
outcome of your particular case.

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